Master Subcontract Agreement

Master Subcontract Agreement A master subcontract agreement is a legal contract between parties outlining the terms and conditions of a business partnership where one party typically a general contractor is managing subcontracting services for a project

This MSA is entered into by and between the Parties with the intent and understanding that it will serve as a master agreement applying to and governing all projects for which Contractor engages Subcontractor regardless of each Party s division or office issuing the Agreement MASTER AGREEMENT The parties hereto agree that from the date hereof until this Master Agreement is terminated Contractor may contract with Subcontractor for the furnishings of materials and or the performance of various work on projects being constructed by Contractor

Master Subcontract Agreement


Master Subcontract Agreement


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Standard Form of Master Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor where Work is provided under multiple Work Orders AGREEMENT made as of the day of in the year In words indicate day month and year BETWEEN the Contractor Name legal status address and other information This Master Agreement is a written understanding between Contractor and Subcontractor containing contract clauses applying to future subcontracts hereafter Subcontracts between Contractor and Subcontractor for the furnishing of construction and construction related services which may include but not be limited to design services

1 The intent of this Subcontract Agreement is to set forth the terms of an ongoing relationship between Contractor and Subcontractor whereby Contractor may from time to time authorize Subcontractor to perform construction work of limited cost for Contractor pursuant to certain prior agreed upon terms and conditions A Master Subcontract Agreement encompasses everything your subcontractor might need to know when working for you This includes insurance requirements confirmation that they are independent contractors and not employees and all the other legal technicalities needed to protect you and your business

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Subcontractor Agreement Template TOP 100 available Subcontractor Agreement Template Prepared by Prime Contractor FirstName Prime Contractor LastName Prime Contractor Company Prepared for Subcontractor Address FirstName Subcontractor Address LastName Subcontractor Address Company Here are a few must have items on your master subcontract agreements Billing And Payment Issues Make sure you have exact information on how much is being paid when it is being paid and all billing and payment issues including any caveats on work not performed Time Of Work

2 Draft the agreement in writing and send it to the subcontractor for review 3 Review the agreement sign and execute When completing step one negotiating and finalising all terms and conditions of the agreement make sure to include the following terms as they are of particular importance 1 Scope of work MASTER SUBCONTRACT AGREEMENT This Subcontract Agreement made as of the dayof by and betweenTalisen Construction Corporation having an office at 213West 35th Street New York NY 10001 Contractor into any agreement with a Sub Subcontractor Subcontractor shall submit in writing to Contractor the name and address of each


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Master Subcontract Agreement - Standard Master Subcontractor Agreement 755 Back to 700 Series ConsensusDocs Contract Catalog 755 The ConsensusDocs 755 is a new master subcontract that provides the general terms and conditions between a Constructor and a Subcontractor