Pinewood Derby Cars Wedge

Pinewood Derby Cars Wedge Pinewood Derbies are a tradition in scouting Let s face it racing cars is a lot of fun even if they re just handheld models Building a derby car with your child is also a fun way to spend some time together and it s a great beginner woodworking project But it s also fun to win and to do that you need to build a fast car

4 reviews Details Reviews The Wedge Wing Car is an Official BSA block with drilled axle slots so your car rolls straight We include an optional drilled axle hole to raise the left front wheel which is a proven speed advantage We also include drilled holes so you can create an extended wheelbase car which increases stability 7 95 each The Wedge Wing Car has drilled axle slots so your car rolls straight while conforming to all rules This wedge includes pre drilled axles holes to optionally raise either front wheel which is a proven speed advantage In Stock Ready to Ship This item qualifies for Free Shipping on orders over 100 Quantity Add to Cart

Pinewood Derby Cars Wedge


Pinewood Derby Cars Wedge


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The Flying Wedge by Rob August 6 2015 56 Comments Build the Pinewood Derby Legend The Flying Wedge The instructions given on this webpage are intended to convey general information about building the car Guards have been removed from equipment in many illustrations for clarity The Pinewood Derby Pre Cut Wedge Kit is the PWD s official Pre Cut Wedge Pine Block Shop all your Pinewood Derby needs with Scout Shop the official online store for Scouts

Razor Wedge is a variant of our light weight pinewood derby car body that uses BSA axle slot or Drilled BSA Distance wheel base with weights installed underneath the car body This variation may use the tungsten or lead canopy Weighing in around 15 grams this lightweight pine body Flush under pockets for ballast placement for COG adjustments Fast Pinewood derby Car Kit comes standard with Pre cut car body in BSA axle slot Drilled BSA Distance or Drilled Extended Wheelbase 2k diamond polished Derby Dust Lightly Lathed Wheels Lead Weight Ballast Gap Gauge 44 Drill bit Small weight ballast to bring to 5 0 oz weight after painting Strip of foil tape to cover any exposed

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The Classic The Semi 1 Pinewood Derby Car Shape The Wedge Wedge Car Shape Pinewood Derby Car Shapes The wedge is a classic and probably the easiest shape besides keeping a block to build your Pinewood Derby car The Wedge is the foundation of many cool car designs and it is designed to be aerodynamic and is a one cut wonder 2 Our Big Wedge Pinewood Derby Car Kit features high quality pinewood block pre cut to exact specifications along with easy to follow instructions that will guide you through the construction process with ease Whether you re a seasoned veteran or a first time builder this kit is sure to deliver the speed and performance you need to take

The wedge is a simple design but it is one of the fastest pinewood derby cars that you can make How to add weight to the Wedge Return to Product Catalog Page This Wedge Pinewood Derby car is pre cut and ready to paint One front axle hole is slightly raised so that the car will ride on three wheels best performance 5621 5622 Drilled axle holes 4 wheels on the ground add 1 00 5621 5622 Drilled axle holes for Awana axles 3 32 bit add 1 00 5622 Extended wheel base block with standard slots add 1 00 The Wedge Pinewood Derby Kit includes


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Pinewood Derby Cars Wedge - Pinewood Derby cars are faster if only three wheels touch the track There is less friction with 3 wheels rolling than 4 Raise a front wheel by 1 16 inch Use the slowest wheel axle combination as the raised wheel Example of a completed Wedge 5 95 Wedge Racer 2 0 2 6 oz see close up Example of a completed Racer