Marvel Snap Card Checklist

Marvel Snap Card Checklist In Marvel Snap you acquire cards by increasing your Collection Level and purchasing them directly from the Token Shop Here are all the up to date cards you will get from Collection Level 486 and onwards Marvel Snap Zone January 13 2024 Table of Contents Collector s Cache and Collector s Reserve Token Shop Seasonal Series 3 Card Series Drop

Agent 13 On Reveal Add a random card to your hand Collection Level 222 474 Pool 2 Variants Agent Coulson On Reveal Add a random 4 Cost and 5 Cost card to your hand Collection Level 486 Pool 3 Variants Alioth On Reveal Destroy all unrevealed enemy cards here Series 5 Ultra Rare Collection Level 486 Pool 5 February 3 2024 Table of Contents Show In Marvel Snap the main way you acquire cards is via the Mystery Card rewards that appear every so often on the Collection Level Road for the full breakdown of how this works read our progression guide and our card upgrade guide

Marvel Snap Card Checklist


Marvel Snap Card Checklist


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Updated Apr 14 2023 Marvel Snap s cards are split across Pools determined by your Collection Level Beginning at Collection Level 475 Pool 3 is unlocked in Marvel Snap advertisement Marvel Snap is a collectible card game but unlike other ones in its genre there are no packs to buy Cards are not released in sets or expansions but released periodically one at a time Second Dinner the developing team wanted to emphasize the experience of slowly collecting cards and experimenting with the new ones you obtain

Updated Apr 14 2023 Marvel Snaps cards are split across Pools determined by your Collection Level Beginning at Collection Level 486 and higher Pool 4 is unlocked in Marvel Snap Marvel Snap cards are simple in nature Cost The amount of Energy required to play the card number on the top left corner Power The base Power of the card number on the top right corner Card Name The unique card name The Base Card and their Variants share the name and Boosters

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Recommended Videos All Marvel Snap Cards List Marvel Snap cards are divided into three pools and your job is to unlock them You ll start from Pool 1 so this is the first list for you to check All Marvel Snap Pool 1 Cards List Related Marvel Snap Tier List Best meta cards and decks All Marvel Snap Pool 2 Cards List Character 1 2 On Reveal Add a random card to your hand Agent Coulson Character 3 4 On Reveal Add a random 4 cost and 5 cost card to your hand Alioth Character 6 2 On Reveal Destroy all unrevealed enemy cards here Altar of Death Location N A N A When you play a card here destroy it to get 2 Energy next turn America Chavez Character 2 3

1 OTA Patch Updates 02 09 Good Bad and Ugly JFsnap Feb 09 24 0 Burning Questions 02 09 Scosco23 Feb 09 24 1 Season Pass Cards Performance in the Planet Hulk Season JFsnap Feb 07 24 1 Marvel Snap February Patch sanktanglia Feb 07 24 10 View All News SNAP FAN App Collection Sync Match History Deck Tracking Stats Player Stats Download our App On turn 5 all cards must be played here Bar Sinister When you play a card here fill this location with copies of it Baxter Building Whoever is winning this location gets 3 Power at the


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