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A Special Warranty Deed is used when you re transferring real property to another and are guaranteeing that there were no defects in title that occurred during the time you owned it You re not saying the property has a spotless title after everyone has owned it just that it accrued no defects during the time you owned it A warranty deed is a legal document that a grantor e g a seller uses to promise to the grantee e g a buyer that they have the right to transfer a piece of real property A piece of real property can include a house a building or a land area Covenants of a Warranty Deed

Special Warranty Deed Template


Special Warranty Deed Template


40 Warranty Deed Templates Forms General Special TemplateLab


40 Warranty Deed Templates Forms General Special TemplateLab

Grantor and its heirs executors and administrators hereby warrant and bind themselves to forever defend the Property unto the said Grantee and its heirs and assigns against claims against title to the Property that arose while Grantor was in possession of the Property A special warranty deed also known as a limited warranty deed is a vital document in real estate transactions serving as a written agreement that doesn t merely transfer property ownership but also affirms the seller s legal authority to sell

Use this Special Warranty Deed to ensure to the buyer that the property title was not impaired during the time that you ve owned it Toggle navigation How It Works Download this free sample Special Warranty Deed form below and have it customized by an attorney for your unique legal needs today Share this document Download for free Special Warranty Deed A special warranty deed is a real estate deed by which the seller only warrants or guarantees the title against defects in clear title that may have arisen during the period

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Easily create your own custom Warranty Deed Quickly print or download your deed for free A Special Warranty Deed is similar to a General Warranty Deed however it only contains two basic warranties a That the grantor received title b That the property was not encumbered during the time the grantor held title except as otherwise noted in the deed In a special Warranty Deeds the grantor may include additional warranties but they

38 Warranty Deed Templates Forms General Special When you are writing a warranty deed form you need to have a warranty deed template to look at so that you know what a general warranty deed needs to include Warranty deed examples can show you what all you need to include in your document Details to Include Frequently Asked Questions What Is a Special Warranty Deed As the second name implies this document does not provide a buyer with a full set of warranties to protect the new owner from litigations and losses related to the property he or she acquires


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40 Warranty Deed Templates Forms General Special TemplateLab

Special Warranty Deed Template - 29 Free Warranty Deed Templates Forms Warranty deeds are important legal papers used to document the transfer of properties between selling and purchasing parties If you wish to sell or donate property to another individual or an organization or receive a property you need a warranty deed to finalize the transaction