Sample Custody Agreement When Parents Live In Different States

Sample Custody Agreement When Parents Live In Different States Relocating after a plan is in place The easiest way to make an interstate parenting plan Visualize your schedule Get a written parenting plan Calculate your parenting time Make My Interstate Plan Now If you and the other parent agree on which state to file your parenting plan in you should follow the guidelines of that state as you make

Under the Act parents can only file a custody action in a child s home state The home state which refers to the state where the child has resided for the past 6 months has priority over the jurisdiction of any other state For example if you and your child s other parent lived in Kansas for the past 3 years but last week you Here are some examples of long distance visitation schedules A visit every weekend if parents have money for flights or can arrange the driving A visit every other weekend or for 2 or 3 scheduled weekends a month A visit 1 weekend a month A 5 7 day visit every 2 or 3 months for younger children not in school

Sample Custody Agreement When Parents Live In Different States


Sample Custody Agreement When Parents Live In Different States


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If you are facing a child custody case with the other parent in another state our legal team is here to help Contact Brown Family Law today Call us 24 7 at 801 685 9999 to schedule a no obligation legal consultation Learn how to get custody of a child legally with our comprehensive guide Get expert tips and legal advice to help you The Hopkins Law Firm is ready to assist you with your unique legal needs Contact us today to discuss your case at info mhopkinslaw or 571 248 2210 CUSTODY AND VISITATION OPTIONS WHEN PARENTS LIVE IN DIFFERENT STATES When a couple divorces it is common for one of or both of the parties to relocate to be nearer to family for support

A judge s approval of a custody agreement is determined by Ability to provide A parent s ability to provide a child s needs such as food education shelter and health care Stable home To create an environment that is safe for the day to day living of a child History of abuse If a parent has a history of physical or emotional abuse The Full Faith and Credit Clause and Interstate Custody Arrangements The Full Faith and Credit Clause is a provision in the U S Constitution This clause ensures other states recognize and enforce court orders and judgments issued in one state This means a child custody case remains legally binding when a parent moves to a different state

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At Caulder Valentine Law Firm PLLC we have represented parents in Shelby Gaston County and across North Carolina modify child support orders enforce orders and negotiate parenting plans for parents in different states Contact us today for a consultation 704 686 7707 There are typically two reasons why one parent who has a child living in one state may make the decision to relocate to another state either with or without the child 1 Opportunities When parents divide they begin a new journey in life Oftentimes parents are making a transition from living together in one household to living in two

Formats Word and PDF Size 5 to 6 pages 4 7 1 429 votes Fill out the template A Child Custody Agreement is used by parents to lay out the details of how they will co parent their child or children together even though they are no longer romantically involved The Agreement addresses issues such as physical and legal custody visitation The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act UCCJA dictates how courts handle custody decisions when the parents live in two different states The Act gives courts the authority to determine which state is considered the child s home state The decision is based on several factors in order of priority


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Sample Custody Agreement When Parents Live In Different States - In some situations the parents of a child may initially reside in the same state but due to a change in personal or professional circumstances now live in separate states If the parents lived in the same state at the time a custody action was filed the court where the action was originally filed will retain jurisdiction over the case When