Robbery Police Report Example

Robbery Police Report Example Investigations How to write organized and concise police reports Set the scene by introducing the people property and other information before it is discussed June 23 2013 02 21 PM John Bowden Sponsored by Police report writing sets the scene to explain and understand the incident Photo West Midlands Police via Flickr

Gaines told me he lives alone He was out of town on business when the burglary happened He had left on Monday April 5 at approximately 6 15 p m and returned on Friday morning at approximately 8 45 a m Because he used his car for the trip there was no car in his carport when he was gone Most police reports can be organized into four types This post deals with Type 1 reports For an overview of all four types of reports click here Here s a sample Type 1 report At 5 22 p m on May 12 2010 I was dispatched to 239 Carol Avenue regarding a theft

Robbery Police Report Example


Robbery Police Report Example


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Use this scenario to practice writing a criminal justice report This is a Type 4 scenario the officer initiates the action After you finish your report you can compare your version to a finished professional report by clicking the link At approximately 12 42 this afternoon you were driving to Cathy s Cafe to eat lunch 1 Get the correct forms from your department Each police department has a different protocol in place for dealing with an incident and filing a report You may be responsible for filling out a form issued by your department or you may be asked to type or write up the report by hand Try to do your write up using word processing software

10 Police Report Examples in PDF Unfortunately there are a lot of incidents that one could go through that would involve the police situations like being the victim of a robbery for example If you are a member of law enforcement you have to help these people The Details Regarding The Incident All the appropriate information should be included in a well written police report These details include Where the crime happened The kind of crime which transpired The manner the crime was reported and received The time and date the report was written If there were any personal injuries suffered

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W 4 3 Write for varying types of tasks for example business letters letters to the editor job applications literature responses informational essays informal writing W 4 10 Choose an organizational pattern for example order of importance problem to solution topical to present ideas logically A synopsis is a simple statement at the beginning of a police report that answers the who what when where how and why That is it It is a simple summary of what happened in the investigation from start to finish Even in large cases a single well written paragraph is enough Anything longer than one paragraph is called an executive

Step 3 Describe the condition of the property when the burglary was discovered Include the following the time it was discovered how it was discovered what everything looked like and other information Be very specific and include as many details as possible Also describe any damage to the property or items at the property 1 Factual A police report is an objective accounting of the relevant and observed facts of the case and any conclusions made by the reporting officer must be supported by articulated and documented facts Unsubstantiated opinions or conclusions are never to be included in an effective report 2 Accurate


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Robbery Police Report Example - The Police Foundation s Crime Mapping Laboratory has collected over 100 examples of crime analysis reports annual monthly weekly and daily reports of crime and calls for service memos crime trend bulletins and maps submitted by 20 law enforcement agencies across the United States The products we received range from simple one