Printable Shooting Log Book Template

Printable Shooting Log Book Template Sized for 8 1 2 x 11 printer paper Shooting Log Books NRA High Power Rifle 600 Yard Prone Log Book This is a single page printable log book designed to be hole punched and put in a binder Unlike our cross the course log books this one is just a single stage This is the 600 prone version NRA High Power Rifle 300 Yard Prone Log Book

If you want to try out this load data ledger just download the following PDF print it out and use it to record your load data entries UR Load Data Record Book 2 PDF If you find this ledger helpful please link to this post I m off to go record my old load data from ammo boxes I ve loaded in the past Talk to you all later Gavin Log Sheet Templates Keeping a Log One of the easiest and cost effective ways to improve your reloaded ammo s performance is to keep a log especially if you are using a multi stage press to produce several rounds at a time

Printable Shooting Log Book Template


Printable Shooting Log Book Template


Printable Shooting Log Book Template


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Your own book see below Every time you shoot whether zeroing or practice firing log in each shot continually updating and reassessing your performance with that rifle Indeed you should have a separate Data Book for each rifle you own How many rounds have gone through your barrel Check the Data Book How is your bullet s This is a printable log book designed to be hole punched and put in a binder It s two pages and covers a cross the course 80 round match standing sitting rapid prone rapid and prone Free downloadable stuff for precision shooters

Download the pistol shooting journal log diary printable PDF and Word This is the first structured shooting journal I came up with I used it for months before perfecting it to make the improved Target Shooting Journal I ve been keeping my shooting stats from the first day I started shooting Next Step Get your FREE Printable Target Pack Enhance your shooting precision with our 62 MOA Targets perfect for rifles and handguns Crafted in collaboration with Storm Tactical for accuracy and versatility Subscribe to the Gun Digest email newsletter and get your downloadable target pack sent straight to your inbox

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Tom McHale schools us on how he builds range logs with precision rifle data for getting on zero when long range shooting After initial zeroing it s essential to verify actual elevation Once you have everything filled out then you can begin shooting a basic ladder test There is room for 10 shots charge weight and their velocity In the blank space to the right use your stencil or draw in your target on the right After each shot plot its POI in the space on the right

Keeping a Shooter s Journal is one of the best ways to improve target shooting scores This Shooter s Journal is designed to introduce you to the benefits of keeping a shooting log or journal It can be used for 10 meter three position air rifle or smallbore shooting A journal provides a record of practice and competi tion scores This shooting log book has been created to record target shooting data Whether you are shooting at an outdoor or indoor range It will help you to analyse your performances and improve your skill This Shooting Log book is perfect for pistol or rifle WHAT S INCLUDED PDF PNG File in the following formats 1 A4 size 8 27 X 11 69 PDF print


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Printable Shooting Log Book Template - Shooting Log Date Time Temp Wind Direction Firearm Used Load Specifications Bullet Powder Charge Weight Primer Overall Length Group Size and Comments