Nevada Quitclaim Deed Form

Nevada Quitclaim Deed Form Download Declaration of Value Form Instructions 4 Prepare and Pay Real Property Transfer Tax The transfer tax is calculated at the rate of 2 55 per 500 of value or a fraction thereof The transfer tax is based on the full purchase price or the estimated fair market value Certain transfers are exempt from Real Property Transfer Tax in

Address TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all and singular the described property together with the tenements hereditaments and appurtenances belonging or in anywise appertaining thereto unto the Grantee s and their heirs and assigns forever IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Grantor s has have duly executed this Quitclaim Deed as of the date hereinunder A Nevada quitclaim deed is a simple form to modify property ownership adding or removing a name without guarantees of clear title It transfers your current ownership not promising the absence of claims or liens Comply with Nevada requirements for your quitclaim deed Laws Requirements

Nevada Quitclaim Deed Form


Nevada Quitclaim Deed Form


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Quitclaim Deed Form Nevada

Nevada Quit Claim Deed Form Download the Nevada Quit Claim Deed to transfer property to a family member close friend or similar party Unlike a warranty deed which usually requires guidance from a lawyer a quit claim deed is simple enough to be filled out by the Grantor property owner themself To file a quitclaim deed in Nevada you will need to contact the Recorder of Deeds in the county in which the property is located and ask about the county s specific requirements for quitclaim deeds Part 1 Drafting the Quitclaim Deed Download Article 1 Find sample forms You can find many quitclaim deeds on the Internet

Hereby remise release and quitclaim unto the said Grantee forever all the right title interest and claim which the said Grantor has in and to the following described parcel of land and improvements and appurtenances thereto in County State of Nevada to wit A Nevada quitclaim deed is a legal document that allows one to convey real estate to someone without a guarantee or warranty A quitclaim deed only transfers an owner s rights to the buyer ensuring that the previous owner cannot come back later to claim an interest in the property

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Download Nevada Quitclaim Deed Form For Free Page 2 FormTemplate


Download Nevada Quitclaim Deed Form For Free Page 2 FormTemplate

Select County or Independent City Where the Property is Located A conveyance by quitclaim deed must be signed by the grantor and acknowledged or proved in a manner permissible by the Nevada Revised Statutes NRS 111 105 The document must be recorded in the county where the property is located APN Affix R P T T WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO and MAIL TAX STATEMENT TO QUIT CLAIM DEED By this instrument dated for a valuable consideration do es hereby REMISE RELEASE and FOREVER QUITCLAIM to the following described real property in the State of Nevada County of Clark STATE OF NEVADA COUNTY OF CLARK ss

A Nevada quit claim deed is a form that conveys an interest in real estate with no assurances regarding the quality of the property title What differentiates this deed from others is the absence of warranties and covenants to protect the new owner the grantee The lack of protection afforded in this document means the grantee will be liable for unknown title encumbrances and may be at risk Nevada law recognizes three general types of deeds for transferring real estate a general warranty deed form a grant bargain and sale deed form and a quitclaim deed form These three forms vary according to the guaranty the current owner provides if any regarding the quality of the property s title Nevada General Warranty Deed Form


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Nevada Quitclaim Deed Form - For all other forms i e quitclaim liens etc you may visit a store or an organization that provides legal forms or preferably consult your own personal attorney Filing a Homestead Declaration in the State of Nevada document seq 1 10 SAMPLE Homestead Declaration document seq 1 12 Declaration of Homestead document seq 1 13