Net Sheet Template

Net Sheet Template A seller s net sheet is a real estate document or spreadsheet that estimates how much you may earn in a home sale A properly formatted net sheet calculates your estimated net proceeds by deducting common fees the seller pays realtor commissions and closing costs from a targeted sales price

A seller net sheet is an essential tool to account for all the factors associated with the seller s costs for a home sale providing a comprehensive breakdown of expenses and net proceeds based on an estimated sales price or the actual purchase price for that seller s individual situation Realtor Commission Total Real Estate Taxes Due at closing proration Special Assessments due at closing Closing Fee 325 500 Broker Administration Fee Document Preparation Fees 150 300 State Deed Tax Seller Paid Closing Costs for Buyer County Conservation Fee

Net Sheet Template


Net Sheet Template


Seller Net Sheet PDF 2002 2024 Form Fill Out And Sign Printable PDF


Seller Net Sheet Template Form Fill Out And Sign Printable PDF

Net Sheet Template for Listing Agents January 24 2020 Sam Westelman Reading Time 2 minutes January 24 2020 Opendoor is proud to have a network of successful agents and brokers who value options for their clients and view cash offers as complementary to their core revenue stream Seller estimated net sheet prepared for seller property address the following are typical expenses which a seller is obligated to pay or is required by operation of law and also includes items which may be negotiated by contract and pre estimated net proceeds to from seller

The seller s fees in Texas often consist of settlement closing fee for 300 ish document prep fee for 250 ish courier fee estimated at 40 ish tax cert for 38 ish recording fee for 40 ish and a state guarantee fee for a whopping 2 The total estimate for the seller s closing costs is approximately 670 ish A seller s net sheet removes much of the mystery surrounding how much money you ll actually receive from selling your home As a high level rule of thumb sellers can expect to pay between 6 10 of the final sale price in commissions closing costs The net sheet helps you see exactly where that money is going

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Seller Net Sheet Template

1 Unlock Free Templates Watch how to add the Worksheets Templates and Guides folders containing the Seller s Estimated Net Sheet to your dotloop account using the code looper Add Templates 2 Customize Net Sheet A seller net sheet is a vital document used in real estate closing that shows an estimated amount the seller would receive by selling their home after all the deductions These deductions are nothing but the various costs deducted from the seller s account during the closing process The seller net sheet is comprised of 3 types of costs in total

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Seller Net Sheet Template

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